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Buy Monero from dieTins

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Price: 77.48 EUR / XMR

Payment method: SEPA

Minimum: 100.0 EUR

Maximum: 600.0 EUR

Country: DE

Availability: try it, i will do my best to respond as fast as possible

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It's me dieTins and i am here to trade. If you want to buy/sell Dash, LTC, BTC or Monero use one of my ads or PM me directly! I prefer SEPA, bank wire and cash trades, nevertheless i am open minded and ready for nearly all payment methods. My base is in Munich, Germany so local trades will take place in that area but for a decent amount of money i am willing to travel to whole germany, switzerland, austria or france. I am speaking german and english and looking forward to your request. Enjoy cryptocurrencies with and me!

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Hey guys, i am dieTins and happy to trade with you. I'm willing to accept any electronical payment method. If SEPA doesn't fit you PM me and we figure something out. See you!

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No ID or AML verification
E-Mail address is validated
Level 2 - Trader
Great Rating (98%)
User is NOT using Tor

The average release time for funds is 2166 Minutes

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Bitcoin Traded: 0.8
DASH Traded: 6.699999999999999
XMR Traded: 12.0
LTC Traded: 2.5
ZEC Traded: 0.0

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Anonymous 6 months

trustworthy trader

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very good

Anonymous 9 months

Transaction went fine as usual with DieTins

Anonymous 9 months

Very good!

Anonymous 9 months

everything went smooth

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