About us

Who We Are

At our core we are a peer to peer Bitcoin and Altcoin trading website. We facilitate a global marketplace where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold between people with various payment options. Individuals can either transact locally with cash via face-to-face meetings, or internationally through a selection of wire and electronic payment methods.

Sellers and buyers of cryptocurrencies are able to create advertisements and negotiate market prices. We also offer the option of instant and anonymous exchange between the cryptocurrencies that are available. This allows for maximum flexibility, security, freedom and privacy when trading your digital currencies.

To ensure the safety of your funds, we have a built-in secure escrow system that releases your coins after the transaction is completed.

What sets us apart from similar services?

With cryptocurrency markets exponentially increasing and expecting to do so in the future, there is a rising demand to diversify trading and investment across different cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are peer to peer services in the market that only focus on one or two particular cryptocurrencies.

“We have integrated Bitcoin and a number of Altcoins (DASH, Monero, Litecoin) into our peer to peer service to offer a wider variety. This eliminates the need to trade across different exchanges and platforms to complete most of your trades.”

Allan Lange (CFO)

To simplify managing and trading the cryptocurrencies on our website we have also included a feature where users can instantly and anonymously trade between cryptocurrencies.

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges have high requirements when it comes to verifying personal data and KYC (know your customer), alleviating the privacy benefits that draw many to use cryptocurrencies. While they are also known for service shortfalls in times of high demand, we make trading cryptocurrencies simple and fast by connecting people through our peer to peer system.

We offer a one-stop solution for your cryptocurrency needs

Competitive prices

Bitcoin and Altcoin for cash trades starting from as low as 0.5% per completed trade.

Portfolio management

Cryptocurrency trades between Bitcoin, Monero, Dash and Litecoin to give traders the ultimate flexibility of balancing their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Intuitive Interface

Easy and user friendly interface to facilitate your trades and portfolio management.

Our Core Values

The ongoing digitalisation of our monetary system is a rising threat to personal privacy. The “Liberal” in Liberalcoins represents our belief in the freedom of our financial future by liberating ourselves from our highly overprotective monetary system. We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies that respect individuals rights to privacy and for markets to regulate themselves without intervention.

We are in no form or shape affiliated with any political ideology or movement and strictly interested in our power over our own financial future.

Our top priority is the security and privacy of our users. We strongly advocate that the cryptocurrency market remains free from any governmental regulatory and legal intervention. In an economic reality of historically increasing inflation, rising prices and central bank printing of fiat currencies we are part of the evolution of our financial future.

Our Mission

... is to create the most secure and private peer to peer trading service. We aim to bring the cryptocurrency market closer together by creating a one-stop shop where users can easily trade and invest in the cryptocurrency they want.

"We are using industry leading and tested processes to protect our users from scams and criminal activities. This is supported by our detailed reputation system and state of the art security infrastructure."

Simon Lange (Founder)

Security by Symatec Norton and Couldflare

To safeguard the users of our service our website is validated and subject to daily security checks by Symatec Norton. Transactions are secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over the internet. This service is provided by Symantec, one of the market leaders in cyber security.

Our servers are protected by Cloudflare, who is the world leader in DDOS protection and the largest reverse proxy provider. Cloudflare also provides Domain Server Protection, Web Application Firewalls and a Content Delivery Network.

"I believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and that it should be protected not only by legislation, but also by companies handling private information of users. Therefore, our website infrastructure aims to ensure that the most secure and private services are used to store user information."

Simon Lange (Founder)

NO KYC! (Know Your Customer)

The privacy of our users is equally important to us as their security. For this reason, we do not use KYC methods and data sharing. We do not use any Google analytics on our homepage, only self hosted Piwik for basic website analytics. This protects user data from being used for other services, besides analytics. We also do not use any social media tags or pixels on our homepage.

Privacy Infrastructure

Our corporate infrastructure has been designed to offer our users maximum privacy by registering our business in the British Virgin Islands as well as having our servers located on the Isle of Man, which both boast top data protection legislation.

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